University Training and Degree:

Since October 2022: PhD student at Goethe University Frankfurt in the project “Co-speech gestures and prosody as multimodal markers of information structure“; PIs: Frank Kügler, Pilar Prieto

October 2020 – September 2022: M.A. Studies of Linguistics at Goethe University Frankfurt; Title of MA-thesis: “Co-speech Gestures, Information Structure and Prosody: A Corpus Study on Prominence Peak Alignment”

April – July 2020: Internship at the Institut für Linguistik, FB10, Goethe University Frankfurt with a focus on “Digital education”

April 2019 – September 2022: Tutor and student assistant for Prof. Dr. Frank Kügler at the Phonology Department of Goethe University Frankfurt

October 2017 – May 2021: B.A. Studies of Linguistik at Goethe University Frankfurt; Title of BA-thesis: “Eine empirische Untersuchung der prosodischen Typologie von Sprache in Bezug auf die Perzeption von Intonation” (An empirical investigation on the prosodic typology of language with regard to the perception of intonation)

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Student assistant:

  1. Tutored seminars: WS19/20, WS20/21, WS21/22, SS22: “Phonologie 1”
  2. Student assistant tasks:
  • Management of digital education (Olat, Zoom, Phonology colloquium)
  • Annotation of language production data (Akan, Anum, Yoruba, Ghana English)
  • Annotation of syllable structure of German cities
  • Creation of experimental stimuli (focus production experiments, negation experiments, map task)
  • Support in events (inaugural speech Prof. Dr. Kügler, P&P 17 Frankfurt, Workshops)
  • Preparation of production & perception laboratory at Goethe University


MS Office, Praat, ELAN, R (Studio), ExperimentBuilder, PsychoPy, OT Workplace, Olat